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Signature Hill Attorneys at Law

Signature Hill Attorneys Law office is located outside of Pittsburgh in New Castle, PA.  We will travel or attempt to find you an attorney in all 67 Pennsylvania Counties, Nationally or Internationally, should you require legal representation.  Free consultation with free action plan and price quote.  We can help in all academic and geographic areas of law.

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a two minute exciting inspiration to take addiction prevention or treatment to a new level in…
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Substance Abuse VideoCommunity Addiction Summit
This is a whose who of the local community and nationally respected professionals…
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Why you will want to stop looking further for a great lawyer in all areas of law.
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Substance abuse legal/medical Perfect Opportunity

Is your substance abuse professional using the “right” treatment/defense combinations? It’s now possible to turn a “perfect storm” into a perfect opportunity for Medical/Legal teams to bring real, verifiable long term extended recovery and abstinence. Get tested TODAY.

Comprehensive All Products and Services Review Video for Signature Hill

This is a comprehensive all products and services review video for Signature Hill 1. Signature Hill Substance Abuse. a. LegalDetox: Substance Abuse Defense and Treatment Program for Impaired Person/Defendants. b. Prevent Drug & Alcohol Relapse: Recruiting and Referring to like minded and trained Professionals in Law and Medicine. c. Summits Coalition Registry; Education< Legal, Medical<…


COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW: Legaldetox; Verifiable Recovery Network; Prevent Drug & Alcohol Relapse; Signature Hill; Summits Coalition Registry. 063015 Substance Abuse Coalition Summits Inc. Presentations SHISAN Professional Network Patient/Defendant Applications General Home Web Cite Angelo A. Papa, Esq. Signature Hill 318 Highland Avenue New Castle, PA 16101 724-654-8111 Cell: 724-316-3551 View Multiple…

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Referral addiction doctors inform it's finally possible to PREVENT RELAPSE… Tools include 1 non-addicting shot per month. Treat BOTH legal and health problems now!

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Diversified experts in any field who have agreed to work with and through our central direction. Featured Networks include Substance Abuse, Real Property & Estate Planning!

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Signature Hill's Complete Library Features Research, Media, Forms, Mulit-Media, Scrapbook, History, Personal, Book Projects, & Newsletters.